Our passionate culinary team it's made up of innovative and talented professionals with years of experience in the gastronomic industry.
Our sous chef Jose Luis Abreu leads the Playa Blanca restaurant culinary team, and our executive chef Cristian Shinya leads the Bamboo and
La Yola restaurants culinary team. This team makes the magic happen at Puntacana Resort.



Meet our Chef Jose Luis Abreu, our star in Playa Blanca and the person in charge, together with his staff, of delighting your palate.

Born and raised in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, discovered his passion for cooking thanks to the influence of his grandmother. Jose Luis was always by her side, fascinated by the culinary process and eager to learn.

In 2011, he settled in Punta Cana, where he made his mark in the restaurant industry, especially in beach clubs. His culinary approach is characterized by a deep respect for local ingredients and boundless creativity. Jose Luis takes pride in using fresh, seasonal products in his creations and frequently visits local markets and restaurants for inspiration. In addition to his work in the restaurant industry, Jose Luis also dedicates time to sharing his passion for cooking with others, participating in local gastronomic events where he enthusiastically shares his knowledge and expertise.



Meet our Chef Luis Pedemonte, he has over 22 years of professional experience in hotels and restaurants in the United States, Dominican Republic, Mexico, and France, and over 8 years in the Punta Cana area.

Mr. Pedemonte is a professional in Hospitality and Gastronomy with a focus on healthy food and wellness, with Mediterranean and Asian touches.

He is a graduate of the Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra (PUCMM) and has studies in pastry making, logistics and storage, hotel management, and a ServSave certification.

John Marcos De la Rosa

Bao & Brassa
Puntacana Resort

Meet our Chef John Marcos De la Rosa, the head and heart behind Bao & Brassa.

As a young boy growing up in the city of Higüey, his passion for cooking ignited at the tender age of four. With pots and pans clattering around him, he found joy in the art of creating flavors and textures that delighted both the palate and the soul.

Today, as he reflects on his culinary odyssey, and after 10 years in the business, he is filled with gratitude for the opportunities that have shaped him into the chef he is today. And as he continues to pursue his culinary dreams, he carries many lessons learned from all his mentors, leaders and staff that he had worked with throughout these years.

Lenny Judice

Arena Beach Club
The Westin Puntacana

Meet our Chef Lenny Judice, the star of Arena Beach Club, who stands out for his culinary creations.

Born in New York and raised across Miami, New Jersey, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, and North Carolina, Chef Lenny’s passion for food was cultivated early on. From accompanying his grandmother to local farmers’ markets in the Dominican Republic to learning the ropes in his mother’s kitchen and family farms, his formative years were steeped in the essence of good eating and hard work.

Today, as the Executive Chef of the Westin Puntacana, Chef Lenny blends gratitude for his past with a relentless pursuit of growth. Through his culinary prowess and unwavering dedication, he endeavors to create positive experiences for diners and all those he encounters, sharing his story one dish at a time.

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