Chef Jose Luis Abreu Abikarram Chef Jose Luis Abreu Abikarram Chef Jose Luis Abreu Abikarram

Chef Jose Luis Abreu Abikarram

Our passionate culinary team it's made up of innovative and talented professionals with years of experience in the gastronomic industry. Our sous chef Jose Luis Abreu leads the Playa Blanca restaurant culinary team, and our executive chef Cristian Shinya leads the Bamboo and La Yola restaurants culinary team. This team makes the magic happen at Puntacana Resort & Club.

Meet our Chef Jose Luis Abreu 👨🏽🍳, our star in Playa Blanca and the person in charge, together with his staff, of delighting your palate.

Born in Santo Domingo, he has lived in Punta Cana for 10 years. He considers himself a lover of the gastronomy and from a very young age he loved cooking, while he learned with his grandmother, who he helped preparing lunches and sandwiches for events. With a great local and international trajectory, he studied in institutions such as: La Universidad Iberoamericana (UNIBE) and through an internship in one of the best restaurants in the world, “Martin Berasategui” in the Basque country (San Sebastian), he learned the techniques that characterized this restaurant rated with three stars in the Michelin Guide. He worked there for four months building his career to become a cook.

When creating plates and menu options, our chef is inspired by the local food of the places he visits, since he understands that this is where the most pronounced flavors and ingredients are truly found.

Part of Playa Blanca’s essence is to value our Dominican roots and allow our gastronomy to reconnect with our clients, for this reason, many of our dishes are made mainly with ingredients from the sea and local from our region. We invite you to discover our flavors. You will surely love them!